At the heart of the Compressor Oil Purifier (COP) are its unique oil purification elements which combine mechanical and chemical contaminant removal and take traditional oil filtration to another level. Our COP elements proactively remove the destructive acids and fine solids that are known to accelerate oil degradation, corrosion, wear and fouling, and drive up your compressors’ maintenance costs.

Each COP element includes specially processed Ion Exchange acid adsorbing media that attracts, removes and neutralizes the harmful acids found in all compressor fluids. By proactively removing acids from the oil, the COP retards oil oxidation and additive depletion to dramatically improve oil performance, protection and service life. The Ion Exchange technology used has been extensively tested by the world’s leading supplier of synthetic compressor oils, and proven to be safe and extremely effective at removing acids and increasing oil service life.

  • Attracts, Removes & Neutralizes Harmful Acids
  • Increases Oil Life & Slashes Oil Consumption
  • Retards Oil Oxidation & Additive Depletion
  • Increases Protection & Reliability
  • Reduces Corrosion & Corrosive Wear
  • Controls Fluid TAN & pH
  • Reduces Maintenance, Repairs & Downtime
  • Reduces Waste Oil Handling & Disposal
  • Reduces Environmental Impact
  • Saves Time & Money