Are your practices for air compressor oil maintenance outdated and hurting your bottom-line?  Do you still follow the manufacturers’ 50-year old “preventative maintenance”  which is proven to be wasteful, needlessly expensive, time-consuming, hazardous and environmentally unfriendly?

Let Fluid Metrics show you how our state-of-the-art, proactive and reliability-centered  contaminant control and oil conditioning technologies will enable you to do more with less.  By targeting the root causes responsible for most compressor maintenance and repairs, we help users IMPROVE COMPRESSOR RELIABILITY while SAVING TIME, MONEY & THE ENVIRONMENT.  

Give us a call today to learn how much easier and better compressor oil maintenance can be.

Purify  Protect  &  Save!

Saves Time & Money

Increases Reliability


Reduces Environmental Impact

The BEST PRACTICE in Air Compressor Oil Maintenance

Compressor Oil Purifiers "COP"

  • Increases Service Life of the Oil, Air-oil Separators, Bearings, Shaft Seals, Oil Coolers & more
  • Proactively & Continuously Removes Destructive Acids & Ultra-fine solids
  • Slows Oil Degradation while Reducing Corrosion, Wear & Fouling
  • Eliminates most time-based “Preventative Maintenance”
  • Reduces Oil & Parts Usage, Waste Oil  Disposal and Environmental Impact
  • Reduces Labor, Downtime and Maintenance Costs


Compressor Oil & Additives

  • Advanced Formulations Deliver Superior Performance, Protection & Service Life
  • XTEND Additive Replenishing Concentrate Eliminates Additive Depletion, a major cause of Oil Degradation & Replacement
  • Neutralizes & Controls Harmful Acids
  • Boosts Oxidation Stability and Corrosion Protection
  • Extended-life Oils + XTEND Additives + COP = Increased Oil Life & Protection
  • Reduces Oil Changes, Purchases & Disposal up to 90%


Oil Analysis & Other Solutions

  • Oil Analysis provides Vital Information on Oil’s Physical & Chemical Properties
  • Allows Condition-based Oil Changes to Maximize Oil Life and Minimize Oil Consumption & Disposal
  • Alerts Users to Hidden Problems with the Oil and Compressor internals Before they Occur
  • Increases Compressor Reliability & Uptime
  • Reduces Compressor Maintenance and Repair Costs
  • Eliminates Waste, Saves Money


Welcome to Fluid Metrics

A Different Kind of Compressor Oil Company

It’s no secret that air compressor companies are in business to sell as much oil, parts and service as possible. To do this, they promote the obsolete practice of “time-based” preventative maintenance, expensive service agreements and unnecessary extended warrantees.  Despite all the time and money saving compressor maintenance technologies and practices developed over the last 50 years, they are still promoting this three-pronged strategy that controls: 

  • HOW you maintain your compressors
  • HOW OFTEN you maintain them
  • HOW MUCH oil and parts you’re required to consume, purchase & dispose
  • WHO you have to buy your oil and parts from
  • WHAT YOU HAVE TO PAY for your oil and parts,  and ultimately . . .
  • HOW MUCH TIME & MONEY YOU SPEND on your air compressors’ maintenance

Enter Fluid Metrics. Founded in 2003 after by a compressor industry veteran with more than 20 years, Fluid Metrics has inside knowledge and utilizes the latest technologies. Unlike other compressor companies, Fluid Metrics is in business for one reason only – to save our customers time and money on their compressors’ oil maintenance by applying the best available oil technologies and practices.

When combined with a proactive, condition-based maintenance plan, our advanced compressor oils, purifiers, and conditioners are proven to dramatically increase compressor reliability, slash your oil and parts consumption, and save you time and money. Welcome to Fluid Metrics, a different kind of compressor oil company. We invite you to learn more, or give us a call and let us show you how we can help you… PURIFY PROTECT & SAVE!

The PuroLube PLUS Compressor Oil Maintenance System is specifically designed for oil-injected rotary screw air
compressors to deliver the ultimate in protection, reliability and SAVINGS. Combining the best available contaminant control, oil conditioning and proactive maintenance practices into one easy-to-use system, PuroLube PLUS targets and controls oil degradation, wear, corrosion and fouling – the root causes responsible for most compressor maintenance and repairs.

So instead of wasting valuable time and money by regularly replacing expensive compressor oils and other “consumables”, let PuroLube PLUS do the work for you by proactively maintaining your oil in like-new condition, and increasing protection, reliability and service life of expensive compressor oils, separators, bearings, coolers and more.

Let us show you a smarter, easier and better way to maintain your compressors.

PuroLube PLUS Key Benefits

Reduces Operating Costs

Reduces Cost up to 50% vs. OEM.

Reduces Maintenance Labor

Eliminates most of the OEMs’ time-based PMs.

Extends Oil Life

Up to 50,000 hours or longer, depending on environment!

Extends Separator Life

Up to 16,000 hours from reduced fouling.

Extends Air-End Bearing Life

Up to 4 times Bearing Life from reduced wear and corrosion.

Reduces Energy Consumption

Average 1% total BHP from reduced separator pressure drop.

Reduces Hazardous Waste Oil Disposal

Reduces Oil Consumption & Disposal by more than 80%

Reduces Downtime

Increased Reliability & component Service Life reduces downtime for maintenance & repairs.

What The Experts are Saying

Hugh King - Plant Engineer, Shaw Industries

“All Fluid Metrics’ COPs installed at our facility have proven to be extremely effective at extending the service
life of our compressor fluids and separators. This is the best new product to come our way in a very long

Paul Trimmer – Owner, Industrial Compressed Air & Vacuum

“In all my years of servicing air compressors I never thought I’d see such a dramatic improvement in
compressor maintenance. But after witnessing one of my longtime customers surpass 80,000 hours on his
compressor fluid and reviewing their normal oil analysis results, seeing is believing.”

Steve Tucker – Maintenance Manager, Syntec Industries

“Our rotary screw air compressors are critical to our plant’s operation, but we were spending a fortune on all
our compressors’ maintenance. Since we switched away from the service agreement provided by the local
distributor, our compressor maintenance costs have decreased by nearly 50%, while reliability and uptime
have increased. The team at Fluid Metrics really know their stuff.”

H. Robert Goltz, Ph. D. – Developmental Chemist Dow Chemical

RE: Ion exchange technology”…proven to be extremely effective at removing acids and extending the service
life of synthetic compressor lubricants. Dow fully endorses the use of this technology.”

Technical Support Engineer, World’s Largest Industrial Gas Supplier

“With a fleet of nearly 100 Sullair oil-flooded air compressors operating in remote, often unmanned
locations, compressor reliability is critical to providing a guaranteed supply of Nitrogen to our customers.”
Since discovering Fluid Metrics more than 10 years ago, our compressor reliability is up, our maintenance
costs are down, and our oil usage and disposal has plummeted.”

Facility Maintenance Manager Manufacturer of Bleach & Household Cleaners

“Given our compressors’ harsh environment and exposure to strong chemical vapors, we were lucky to get
3,000 hour life on the OEM’s compressor fluid and we were experiencing excessive downtime. After reaching
the end of our rope with our local distributor and still no solutions, we turned to Fluid Metrics for help and
haven’t looked back. Finally, a compressor company that is looking out for us. ”

Maintenance & Service - Compressed Air & Gas Institute

“Perceptive management teams recognize that they can no longer be competitive with outdated
maintenance practices. The methods, tools and quality of maintenance used in the past are no longer
adequate in a contemporary production environment. Good maintenance is a genuine value, especially as it
relates to bottom-line results.”

Sullair Literature

Particulate contamination is the #1 enemy of air compressors…a surefire way to destroy your investment. It
will reduce the life of the air end, the separator and the fluid, and will increase horsepower leading to
increased energy consumption.

Jim Fitch – Noria

Many user organizations falsely conclude that their machines are already fitted with the necessary
accessories and components that enable reliability to be achieved.