Proactive, Predictive, Reliability-centered

Fluid Metrics’ award-winning Compressor Oil Purifier (C.O.P.) is changing the way oil-flooded rotary screw air compressors are maintained.  Instead of having to regularly replace expensive compressor oils, separators and filters at predetermined intervals, the COP does most of the maintenance for you while dramatically reducing your oil and parts consumption.  Combining the best available fluid conditioning technologies, the COP proactively and continuously removes the harmful acids and ultra-fine solids that are the root cause of most routine compressor maintenance and repairs.

Like a kidney for your compressor, the COP purifies the “lifeblood” of your compressor by removing the destructive contaminants known to reduce oil performance, protection and service life.  The COP maintains your compressor from the inside-out, and helps keeps your oil in like-new condition for optimum performance and protection.  The COP is a must for companies wanting to improve compressor reliability, reduce unnecessary maintenance and downtime, and cut their maintenance costs.

Ion Exchange Acid Adsorption

At the heart of the COP are its unique oil purification elements which combine mechanical and chemical contaminant removal


Ultra-Fine Filtration

The Ultra-fine solids found in compressor fluids are the root cause of bearing wear and fouling of the compressor’s air-oil separators, which



PuroLube Plus Compressor Maintenance System

Compressor fluids don’t degrade or need to be replaced based on a set time schedule, and when proactively maintained, can remain in service


Key Benefits of the Compressor Oil Purifier

Reduces Operating Costs

Reduces Cost up to 50% vs. OEM.

Reduces Maintenance Labor

Eliminates most of the OEMs’ time-based PMs.

Extends Oil Life

Up to 50,000 hours or longer, depending on environment!

Extends Separator Life

Up to 16,000 hours from reduced fouling.

Extends Air-End Bearing Life

Up to 4 times Bearing Life from reduced wear and corrosion.

Reduces Energy Consumption

Average 1% total BHP from reduced separator pressure drop.

Reduces Hazardous Waste Oil Disposal

Reduces Oil Consumption & Disposal by more than 80%

Reduces Downtime

Increased Reliability & component Service Life reduces downtime for maintenance & repairs.

  • Increases Oil Service Life – up to 5 times*
  • Eliminates Regular Oil & Separator Changes
  • Slashes Oil & Separator Consumption
  • Increases Protection & Reliability
    * Up to 10 times with PuroLube PLUS
  • Reduces Maintenance, Repairs & Downtime
  • Reduces Waste Oil Handling & Disposal
  • Reduces Environmental Impact
  • Saves Time & Money