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Welcome to Fluid Metrics, a different kind of compressor oil company. 

Fluid Metrics is the world’s leading provider of contaminant control and compressor oil conditioning solutions for air compressors in a wide range of industries.  Fluid Metrics’ team of Chemists and Engineers have more than 100 years experience in compressor application, design and service, as well as compressor oil formulation and analysis.  The company is committed to leveraging our in depth compressor and lubricant knowledge and expertise to develop leading edge solutions that help our customers reduce cost, improve reliability, and better compete in today’s business environment.

Fluid Metrics was founded in 2003 by Will Hurley, a 30 year compressor industry veteran, after discovering money-saving technologies for compressor oil conditioning.  Extensive research, development and field testing had proven these technologies were extremely effective at increasing compressor oil service life, improving compressor reliability, and dramatically reducing user maintenance cost.   

Fluid Metrics is revolutionizing the compressor industry with its award-winning Compressor Oil Purifiers, PuroLube Extended-life Compressor Fluid, and PuroLube XTEND Additive Concentrate.  Today, many of the world’s largest compressor users have adopted  Fluid Metrics’ compressor oil conditioning technologies as The Best Practice in compressor maintenance and are finally able to realize the cost savings and reliability benefits they offer.

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Industry Pioneer

For more than 15 years Fluid Metrics has blazed its own trail helping air compressor users save time and money by simplifying and optimizing their compressor maintenance. Our easy-to-use products and best maintenance practices target the root causes of oil degradation, wear, corrosion and fouling that are responsible for premature replacement of compressor oils, separators and other costly components. Our revolutionary Compressor Oil Purifiers and PuroLube XTEND Additives significantly increase the service life of expensive compressor oils and components to eliminate most of the time-based “preventative maintenance” still promoted by compressor manufacturers. Fluid Metrics’ products and reliability-centered maintenance have set a new standard in compressor oil conditioning and our customers see the savings and thank us for it every day.