PuroLube Turbo Gold Centrifugal Compressor Oil is an advanced blend of polyglycol (PAG) and polyol ester (POE) synthetic base stocks with inhibitors specially formulated for maximum protection and service life in high speed centrifugal compressors. PuroLube Turbo Gold provides excellent oxidation stability to deliver up to 10 years’ service life under normal conditions. Turbo Gold’s varnish-free performance and exceptional deposit control is especially beneficial in centrifugal compressors with fixed geometry bearings like IR’s Centac™ and others. Turbo Gold meets or exceeds OEM lubricant specifications and performance, making it an excellent pour-in replacement for IR’s Techtrol Gold™.

  • Cost-effective Pour-in Replacement for IR’s Techtrol Gold
  • Increased Operating Life – up to 10 years
  • Excellent Deposit Control for Fixed Geometry Bearings (Centacs)
  • Optimized Viscosity for Improved Cooling & Efficiency
  • Superior Performance and Savings over Mineral Oils
  • Environmentally Friendly & Biodegradable
  • Reduces Oil Consumption, Disposal & Environmental Impact

PuroLube Turbo Gold

Centrifugal Compressor Oil

DuroLube Turbo Centrifugal Compressor Oil is an OEM grade ISO 32 synthetic turbine oil specially formulated for use in high speed centrifugal air compressors. DuroLube Turbo is a synergistic blend of synthetic hydrocarbon and ester base stocks with a proven additive system that delivers superior performance and service life over widely used mineral-based turbine oils. DuroLube Turbo provides excellent oxidation stability and varnish resistance in compressors and is best used in compressors not equipped with fixed geometry bearings, like IR’s Centac™, where PuroLube Turbo Gold is recommended. DuroLube Turbo is the perfect choice for centrifugal compressor users who demand performance, dependability and value.

  • Superior Upgrade to Mineral-based Turbine Oils
  • Excellent Varnish Resistance
  • Excellent Corrosion Protection
  • Excellent Demulsibility & Foam Control
  • Increased Oil Service Life & Drain Interval
  • Reduces Oil Consumption, Disposal & Environmental Impact

DuroLube Turbo

Centrifugal Compressor Oil