The Ultra-fine solids found in compressor fluids are the root cause of bearing wear and fouling of the compressor’s air-oil separators, which helps drive up your maintenance costs. By design, most OEM “full-flow” oil filters are only sized to remove solids down to 20 microns, which leaves the smaller more destructive “clearance-size” solids to remain in the oil to be constantly circulated and spread their damage to other critical components.

By comparison, Fluid Metrics’ COP is a low-flow “bypass” device that uses ultra-fine filtration to continuously remove ultra-fine solids down to 3 microns (Beta > 200), preventing them from accumulating in the oil. Studies have shown that improving oil filtration down to 3 microns can improve bearing life up to 4 times over standard coarse, full-flow filtration. Fewer solids in the oil and lower ISO Particle Counts is also proven to reduce separator fouling and the resultant increase in pressure drop and compressor energy consumption.

  • Continuously Removes Ultra-fine Solids
  • Reduces Bearing Wear & Separator Fouling
  • Reduces Metal Catalysts & Oxidation Rates
  • Increases Oil, Bearing & Separator Life
  • Increases Protection & Reliability
  • Reduces ISO Particle Counts
  • Reduces Maintenance, Repairs & Downtime
  • Reduces Oil & Separator Changes & Disposal
  • Reduces Environmental Impact
  • Saves Time & Money