Air-Oil Separators

& Oil Filters

Compressor users who still practice time-based “preventative maintenance” know that rotary screw air compressors are time-consuming and expensive to maintain, and are big consumers of air filters, oil filters and air-oil separators. Like the oil, the OEMs recommend these items be regularly replaced based strictly on their time in service, whether needed or not. This outdated practice unnecessarily adds more waste, labor, downtime and cost to your compressors’ maintenance, and fails to address the root causes of component replacement.

Most compressor users do not realize that compressor OEMs do not manufacture their own separators and filters.  These items are produced for them by a small number of specialty manufacturers that sell private-labeled elements to the manufacturers, and also sell non-labeled replacements at significant discounts.  Some filter manufacturers also offer lower-tier elements, but Fluid Metrics only supplies the more robust elements chosen for condition-based maintenance.  When used as part of Fluid Metrics’ PuroLube PLUS compressor maintenance system, our separators and filters have outperformed the more expensive elements with logos, and remained in service for up to twice as long as the OEM’s.


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  • Highest Quality Materials & Workmanship
  • Low Initial Pressure Drop
  • Low Oil Carryover
  • High Collapse Pressure