Compressor Oil Performance

Acid Control

Acids in compressor oils are a root cause of high maintenance costs.  They also are a leading indicator of the oil’s oxidative state and remaining useful life.  Like temperature, when acids increase they act as catalysts and constantly accelerate a chain reaction of oxidation, additive depletion, acid production and oil degradation.  The higher the oil’s acid number or TAN, the faster the oil oxidizes, degrades and needs to be replaced.  By controlling acids and maintaining oil TAN as low as possible, our technologies enable users to significantly reduce their oil oxidation and degradation rates, dramatically increase oil service life and eliminate costly and wasteful oil changes.

Fluid Metrics provides two technologies to help compressor users control acids.  Our COP with Ion Exchange acid adsorbing media continuously removes harmful acids to help control your oil’s TAN.  By proactively removing acids as they are produced, the COP delivers up to 5 times longer life than the OEMs’ 8,000 hour fluids.  And for even greater acid control, service life and savings, our PuroLube PLUS compressor maintenance system combines the COP with our PuroLube extended-life compressor fluid and its companion PuroLube XTEND additive replacement concentrate.  The PuroLube XTEND additive concentrate replenishes critical oxidation and corrosion inhibitors to help prevent acids from forming and neutralize existing acids.  With all these acid-control technologies working together, the PuroLube PLUS system delivers up to 10 times longer life than the OEM fluids to provide the ultimate in protection, reliability and savings.

  • Controls Acids & TAN
  • Retards Oil Oxidation & Additive Depletion
  • Increases Oil Service Life & Slashes Oil Consumption
  • Reduces Corrosion & Corrosive Wear
  • Increases Protection & Reliability

  • Reduces Maintenance, Repairs & Downtime

  • Saves Time & Money

Particulate Control

Solid particulate contaminants in compressor oils are another major cause of high compressor maintenance costs.  The most destructive solids are the ultra-fine or “clearance-size” solids, less than 10 microns, that can interfere with lubrication and accelerate wear of expensive bearings and seals.  When allowed to accumulate in the oil by the OEM’s full-flow 20 micron oil filter, these ultra-fine solids will also accelerate fouling of the compressor’s air-oil separators, which increases pressure drop and energy consumption, and reduces separator life.

Fluid Metrics’ Compressor Oil Purifier (COP) includes 3 micron absolute filtration to continuously remove the ultra-fine solids that drive up compressor maintenance costs.  In testing performed by a COP user on a 400 HP compressor located in a dirty environment and with a history of high separator pressure drop and short service life, the COP’s particulate control was impressive.  Three oil samples were taken – one of new oil straight from its container, another from the compressor’s oil before installing the COP, and the final sample was taken from the compressor only one week after the COP was put into service.  ISO Particle Counts were performed on all three samples and the results showed the COP after only one week dramatically reduced the number solids in the most destructive 10 micron and smaller range.  Remarkably, the in-service oil after installing the COP was cleaner, with fewer solids, than the new OEM supplied oil.

  • 3 micron absolute Filtration Removes Ultra-fine solids

  • In-service Oil Cleaner than New Oil

  • Reduces Wear & Fouling

  • Reduces Separator Pressure Drop and Energy Consumption

  • Increases Separator Life

  • Increases Protection & Reliability

  • Reduces Maintenance, Repairs & Downtime

  • Saves Time & Money