Compressor Oil Coolers

& Aftercoolers

Oil coolers and compressed air aftercoolers used on rotary screw air compressors are under constant attack from corrosion and fouling.  Over time this leads to overheating of both the oil and air, and can result in wet compressed air, reduced oil life and cooler failures.  Whenever your coolers fail, you can plan on extended downtime and an expensive bill for its replacement. 

That’s when Fluid Metrics can help.

Fluid Metrics supplies both air-cooled and water-cooled replacement oil coolers and aftercoolers for most compressor sizes and brands. We specialize in the larger stand-alone “combination” air-cooled packages where we can duplicate what you have, or customize the performance and layout to meet your specific temperature, pressure drop, ambient or space considerations.

Fluid Metrics’ compressor oil coolers come in a variety of materials and protective coatings, and can be equipped with motors suitable for variable-speed drive for more precise temperature control in cold weather operation.

So the next time you need a cooler for your compressor, don’t pay more – give Fluid Metrics a call. We’re in business to save you time & money.


  • Replacement Cooler Cores
  • Custom Cooler Packages with Horizontal or Vertical Air Flows
  • Aluminum, Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel Construction
  • Max Allowable Working Pressures from 250 psig – 5,000 psig
  • ASME Code Stamp & CRN Available
  • Thick Wall Extruded Tanks