Compressor Lubrication Products & Solutions

Compressor Oil Purifiers – COPs

The best practice for optimizing compressor oil performance, service life and economy is to proactively maintain it, not preventatively replace it.  Like a kidney for the life-blood of your compressors, Fluid Metrics’ award-winning COP with ion exchange and ultra-fine filtration technologies continuously purifies the oil by removing the harmful acids and clearance-size solids that steadily accumulate in the oil and accelerate oil degradation, wear, corrosion and fouling – the root causes of most compressor maintenance and repairs. With the COP doing the work for you, your compressors’ oil and internals will last longer and you’ll spend less time and money on unnecessary “routine maintenance”.

Compressor Oils & Additives

The most important component of an air compressor is its oil. Specially engineered to perform many vital functions, these fluids have a direct impact on the performance, reliability and service life of compressor bearings, shaft seals, separators, coolers and more. Choosing the right compressor lubrication products for your unique operating environment is the critical first step in maximizing compressor reliability and minimizing your maintenance cost.

Fluid Metrics offers a full range of compressor lubrication products and replacement additives to suit any type of compressor and environment. So whether you’re looking for a traditional OEM-grade fluid, or a longer-life more economical performance oil, we’ve got the right compressor fluid for you.

Oil Analysis

Oil analysis, not the compressor’s hour meter, is the only reliable way to determine when a compressor’s fluid needs to be replaced. Regular oil analysis not only provides valuable information about the oil’s physical and chemical properties and its additive and contaminant levels, but it also can indicate when there’s a problem with the compressor or the compressor’s environment.

Fluid Metrics offers two oil analysis packages specifically designed for air compressor fluids and has the experience and expertise to help our customers accurately interpret the results.

Separators and Filters

In addition to the compressor’s oil, its air-oil separators, oil filters and air filters are also a major maintenance expense whose replacement requires excessive labor and downtime. These items are produced by specialty manufacturers and then private-labeled for the compressor OEMs where they apply their exorbitant mark-ups before being sold to their distributors for additional mark-up and resale.

Fluid Metrics eliminates these middlemen. We go straight to the source to supply OEM quality separators and filters for huge savings to our customers.

Oil Coolers & After Coolers

Just like your compressors’ oil, separators and filters, your compressors’ coolers are also manufactured elsewhere, private-labeled and their prices inflated as they move through the OEM’s distribution network.

Fluid Metrics has extensive experience in heat transfer and supplies replacement OEM quality coolers at a fraction of the cost. We can also resize your coolers for more efficient performance and supply non-standard materials and coatings for special applications.