When you purchased your rotary screw air compressor, the manufacturer likely gave you specific guidelines and rules for changing the machine’s oil. While these guidelines typically won’t do serious damage to your rotary screw compressor, they can take a toll on your wallet. The truth is that the manufacturer’s guidelines are made for their benefit, costing you precious time and money. Let’s take a look at a few of the most important truths every rotary screw air compressor owner needs to know.

You don’t need to change the oil as often as you think

The majority of rotary screw air compressor manufacturers and oil suppliers recommend that depending on which comes first, you should change the oil every 8,000 hours, once a year, or when a compressor oil analysis determines that you need a change. As 8,000 hours equals about 333 days, that measurement is just about the same as the year-long measurement. Either of these benchmarks often come before an oil analysis shows that you actually need to change the oil.

When you adhere to time-based guidelines, you risk replacing lubricants could have lasted you for much longer. In fact, over 99% of oil is perfectly fit for continued use at the time most compressor fluids are replaced. Oil analysis is the most reliable method of knowing when you need to replace the oil.

You will see benefits from condition-based oil changes

When you replace compressor oil based on its condition rather than the amount of time that has passed since the last oil change, you’ll experience a plethora of benefits. One of the most apparent advantages is cost savings. Many of the compressor fluids that manufacturers claim need changing every 8,000 hours have had satisfactory results in oil analyses for up to 10,000 hours in mild environments. These extra hours equate to money that you don’t have to spend on changing the oil. If you replace it yourself, it also means valuable time that you don’t have to waste.

On the flip side, some compressor lubricants have been known to last only 2,000 hours in hard environments. When you allow contaminated oil to run through your compressors, you risk doing serious harm to your machine. This can result in hefty costs to replace parts or perform maintenance. Basing your oil changes on condition is the surest way to replace your oil when it needs, not any sooner or later.

You can use a compressor oil purifier

Rather than continually replacing oil to get rid of the small amount of oil that isn’t fit for use, you can use a compressor oil purifier to remove the harmful contaminants that speed up oil degradation and promote corrosion and wear. By conducting oil purification rather than a full oil change, you can save time and money while still maintaining your rotary screw compressor. The purification process has been proven to extend the change intervals and increase the service life of the compressor fluids as well as the air compressor parts.

You don’t need to endure costly and time-wasting oil changes every year just because compressor manufacturers say you have to. Switch to condition-based oil changes and start purifying your compressor oil to see an extended service life and improved performance. Contact Fluid Metrics today to learn more about our compressor oil purifier, a part of our Purolube system, and you’ll see how you can improve operations in your facility.