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The Fluid Metrics COP is a continuous bypass device that installs easily in an auxiliary bypass loop to the compressor’s main oil circuit. A small slipstream of contaminated oil is routed through the COP and purified oil is returned back to the compressor’s air-end using the compressor’s own differential pressure (no pump is required). The COP does not replace the compressor’s standard oil filter or in any way interfere with the functionality of the compressor’s original lubrication system. The COP was specifically designed for rotary screw air compressors and includes an Installation Kit containing all the accessories needed for a quick and easy installation. Servicing the COP is also quick and easy. The conveniently located oil sample valve makes taking regular oil samples a snap. And, the isolation, vent and drain valves allow users to replace the COP’s cartridges without requiring the compressor to be shut down.

Installation Kit:

Air / Oil Separator

Oil Cooler

Compressor Air-End





Oil Filter

Auxiliary Bypass Loop

Typical Compressor Oil Schematic

Oil Stop Valve

For quick and easy installation, each COP comes with an Installation Kit specifically developed for rotary screw air compressors. Most users are able to install COPs without any assistance, but if any is needed, Fluid Metrics’ Engineers are available to answer all your questions to ensure proper installation and operation.

Compressor Oil Purifier (COP) Installation & Service

“Installation Kit included”

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